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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the most person in their room, not him. that is the beau that i knew. that is the beau that we loved. that is the beau that we will miss. >> reporter: yes. >> the the biden's family is delaware's family. >> reporter: hundreds turnout waiting for hours for a handshake, or a hug with the vice-president and his family. they paid their respects, amid grief, for one of delaware's favorite sons. >> i loved him so much. i just had to pay last respects. >> reporter: for all of the people that turnout thursday's service, it was one step for a family that says good bye to a son, husband brother and a dad, a somber day under gray skies. in delaware. a public viewing for beau biden is scheduled in his hometown of wilmington for tomorrow, on saturday, president obama is scheduled to deliver biden's eulogy at
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his funeral. we are live in dover delaware outside the state house matt rivers for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sad day thanks very much. people can pay their respects at a viewing tomorrow at saint anthony of padua church in wilmington between 1:00 and 4:00 and then later from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on saturday a at 10:30 in the morning there will be a funeral mass at saint anthony padua, president obama will be there to deliver a eulogy. hundreds gathered in new jersey to say good bye to the state trooper killed in an on duty crash last week even. funeral services for trooper anthony raspa took place at church in sum he somerset county. governor chris christie paid his respects today. trooper raspa was killed on saturday when his patrol car hit a deer on 195 and then crash in the tree. he was only 24 years old. eighteen months into his career. >> he wanted to serve and he was very proud. he was very young.
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he graduated college in three and a half years. university of delaware. he immediately began to apply to become a new jersey state trooper. >> reporter: tonight flags at new jersey state buildings fly at half staff in honor of trooper raspa's services. developing news right now investigators are named the suspect in yesterday's deadly stabbing in berlin township. michael itell is the ex-boyfriend of carol bone, who was found unresponse any of her driveway, late last night. itell has been charged with first degree murder but he is on the run tonight. if you have any information about his whereabouts you are asked to call police. police involve death is sparking outrage in chester delaware county. authorities say a robbery suspect was killed by a police car during a chase. police involved death happened on keystone road near west 13th street in chester. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live with the very latest, alex?
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>> reporter: good evening. delaware county district attorney's office is taken over this investigation and they say preliminary looking points to the death being accidental but victim's mother says she believes they were after the wrong guy. it was 8:20 p.m. when chester city police say they got a call that the five five-year old woman had been robbed of her cell phone and cash by a man with the gun. >> members of the delaware county's sheriff's office was in the area doing a warrant sweep, they heard the radio dispatch and they encountered the 25 year-old suspect in the 1100 block of pine lane. >> reporter: according to the district attorney's office handling the investigation the man took off on his bike and led police down a narrow alley way. they say near the intersection of 13 and keystone the suspect fell off his bike and was run over by a city police vehicle. a gun was found at the scene and man died in the hospital. that is where "eyewitness news" found his mother who identified him a as 24 year-old sherman byrd, junior.
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>> my son helped rob somebody at gunpoint on keystone road, when he knows everybody in that area? no, that is not true. >> reporter: byrd a's mother said she drove seven hours in the middle of the night to get to chester where she moved her son away from eight years ago because of community violence. >> because we got a bullet through our window and that made me pack up and leave. >> reporter: she adds she was in the visit his daughter and to see his sister graduate. >> my son just lost his life because of a police officer who is supposed to be protecting the city but yet still he killed my son. i will not let it rest. >> reporter: they were unable to tell us if the stolen cell phone or cash, was found with the victim. reporting live from delaware county alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". alex, thank you. breaking news, f.d.a. advisory panel recommended
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approval of so-called female viagara the drug, is designed to boost sex drive-in women. it works on brain chemistry unlike viagra a which works on blood flow for men. f.d.a. still needs to issue final approval before the drug will be available, the administration has twice reject that drug before today's recommendations. we have turn to the weather, chillier than normal today but warmer temperatures on the way and they come in time for the weekend. meteorologist kathy orr is down the shore with the cbs-3 mobile weather lab and she joins us live from beautiful cape may with the first look at the forecast, hi kathy. >> reporter: chris, even when it is cool and windy it is still beautiful but only job for my sunglasses toys keep my hair back from the win. we are here at cbs-3 mobile weather lab. temperatures are cool. it is windy. look at these trees blowing in the wind. it looks like a tropical storm but no, that is not the case. we are gust particular to
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35 miles an hour this afternoon and those wind are expect to die down over the next couple of days. look at the high temperatures in the region. not too impressive. poconos 64. philadelphia 70. down the shore only 62 degrees. expect a few spotty showers we have seen them here in cape may we have more numerous showers in central and southern delaware. temperatures cool, in the city 66. look at the shore sea isle 58. same in ocean city. cape may is only 58 degrees. this evening in the philadelphia area we will fall through the 60's and by 11:00 p.m. have a mostly cloudy sky and a temperature of 61 degrees. here down the shore we will stay in the 50's and breeze think evening with a few sprinkles. back here live you can see behind me folks have their jackets, pants but believe it or in the many people are eating ice cream. it is the season. they are getting ready for summer. i will be back with the warmer seven day later in the broadcast. >> you're making me hungry, thank you. dozens of cars were burn during an auto salvage yard in
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allentown today. chopper three over 1200 block of north plymouth street. this building is used to store gasoline and waste oil a worker operating a forklift accidentally punctured a gas tank but fuel spilled and ignited beneath forklift but there were no injuries. an investigation continues tonight into this deadly crash in chester couple cars collided a at west second and pusey street overnight. the drivers pronounced dead at the scene. their identities have in the been released. investigators are looking into whether speed played a role in that crash. in trenton today new jersey assembly committee passed a bill that would make up skirting a crime. that is when someone takes a revealing photograph underneath a person's clothing. although such cases can be currently prosecuted after invasion of privacy statutes, new jersey lawmakers say it is time up skirting gets a specific ban like ones that exist in both pennsylvania and delaware.
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>> in new jersey they are that far behind everybody? it doesn't make sense to me. >> we looked up and that is not a appropriate it is an invasion of someone's privacy. >> this is something that happens a all the time and we have to make sure we take care. >> this let slayings would make up skirting a fourth degree offense but also a third degree offense if the image as are taken are shared on line. legislation new head for votes in the full house and assembly. philadelphia's school budget crisis could hit you in the wallet even if you don't have kid in the school or live in the city. >> mayor nutter is seeking a 9 percent property tax to pay for schools 103 million-dollar. there is little to no support for that in council. >> add a 10 percent additional tax on those individual. i just don't think it is ferreter report council is considering two and a half percent property tax hike to raise about 25 million-dollar, and another seven to 10 million would come from hiking up parking and garage fees another 10 million could come from increasing attacks
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on the use of of commercial real estate. new at 6:00 more trouble for fire fighters in atlantic city. they are told several dozen could be laid off from the department. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan has new information from a protest in atlantic city. >> reporter: for little emily any outing is a reason to celebrate, born with severe birth defects she spent first year and a half of life on ventilator. >> she got weaned off and we're working toward a full recovery report part that recovery is in jeopardy. her father works for atlantic city fire department which could layoff 85 fire fighters because of the cities financial crisis. thursday dozens of fire fighters and their families marched around city hall urging city officials to sign a federal grant that could fund all 85 at risk jobs for at least the next two years. >> look around, everybody is family, everybody has kids, i mean this is what they are playing with peoples lives. >> reporter: mayor don guardian says based on state
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recommendations the city only need 185 not the 235 now and he says budget can only afford 150 so he is still seeing how federal grant due by friday fits the cities financial plan. >> i question that because we need and want 185 fire fighters so we would like to have a safer grant for 35 not for 58 but that may be the only conditions that are acceptable to the federal program, and they would be acceptable to us. >> reporter: what does city hall need to know. >> they need to know it is not only affecting fire fighters but their families, their children and their future children because i'm eight procedures pregnant. >> reporter: by friday afternoon they will know exactly how many fire fighters they plan to put the federal grant application, and fire fighters union says they will be back out here on friday, protesting once again. in atlantic city cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". something is flying high in philadelphia city hall for the very first time. we will show you what it is, and why officials decided now
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is the the time to show it off. plus steven colbert has a band leader for his new late show here on cbs. we will introduce you to the sound of john bat advertise coming up. do you have plans for the weekend, how about coming down the shore plenty of music shopping and food, it is restaurant week, ale he have the forecast coming up and beasley, i know you like the crab cakes. >> phillies close out that series with the red looking for more dramatics they won first two games with late inning home runs, and new star manager talks about miguel franco ahead in sports.
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for the first time ever transgender flag flies high at philadelphia city hall. gesture marks the start of the 14th annual trans health conference. organizers say it is world's largest gathering that focuses on the health and well-being of the transgender community. the pink, white and blue flag will fly at city hall until that conference end on saturday. a new program develop last year by philadelphia police department is working to end what some called the school to prison pipeline. >> cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio tells
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news just one year this program has had a dramatic impact at reduce ago this problem. >> sometimes, good children get into bad situations. >> reporter: jevon series grateful last september her 12 year-old, made a big mistake, she brought a a taser like this one to school. >> people started tasering each other. >> reporter: four kids were hurt and the seventh grader was on track to expulsion and an arrest. >> would have been arrested fingerprinted, photographed, and often times held in the cell block for six hours. >> reporter: last school year 1600 children, some as young as ten were arrested deputy commissioner kevin bethel developed the philadelphia school diversion program implemented last may. it helped kid like this one before they are arrested and enrolled them in services through dhs. >> a as of today we have over 800 fewer kid who have been arrested in the school district, who were down 55 percent.
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>> reporter: instead of being arrested she got leadership and life skills training. >> i learned like no fighting. >> reporter: in nine months she is at a new school, her failing grade are new a b and c's and she's growing into an athlete. >> i believe that program wasn't there more than likely my daughter would have been lock up. >> reporter: it inspired this mom to dare to care by her other children like her daughter avoid bad situation. >> become a bless to go bless others. that is to become a bless to go help others. >> reporter: cherry greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". anticipation pennsylvania is debuting for late show with steven colbert right here on cbs-3. >> today colbert released a a short video announcing his new ban leader. >> hi i'm steven colbert in new orleans louisiana thank you, very much. and people keep asking me who my band leader will be. well i like this guy.
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hi i'm john batis te. >> ♪ >> wow. >> john batis te is a jazz musician from new orleans performed internationally with his ban and collaborated with the likes of prince and lenny cravats. so look forward to that, you see steven colbert there the late show with steven colbert premiers after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 on tuesday september 8th at 11:35 right here on cbs-3. okay. it is thursday. that means orr at the shore we are in cape may, new jersey tonight. where folks have their boats in the water as the official start of the summer, draws near. >> that is right meteorologist kathy orr joining us live from cape may hi kathy. >> you know we're in the on the beach we're on the mall because it is cloudy today and
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everyone is enjoying restaurant week. did you participate. >> i did yes. >> so far so good. >> fantastic. >> we will highlight washington inn in a few moments and take a look at wonderful eats but first lets talk weather. as far as our weather is concern tonight it will not change that much. it will stay cloudy, dreary, storm scan three you can see scattered showers and cloudy skies and then we will be sticking around. it will be windy a as well. peak wind gusts have been impress any of wildwood, cape may wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. atlantic city 26. rehoboth beach at 24. it is all about the win. it will stay cool. we have northeasterly wind flow with low pressure to the south. it will stay breezy and cool tonight. tomorrow we will watch a front approaching from the west. we will get that northeast wind but wind will shift over weekend, saturday temperatures are going to be warming up, and we are going to be seeing nice southeasterly wind drying us out as well. so lets look at our forecast.
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overnight mostly cloudy stray sprinkle temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow we will bounce up to 74. that is an improvement. looking for mostly cloudy skies. on the seven day forecast weekend looks brighter with sunshine temperatures in the 80's saturday. seventy's sunday. look at next week back in the 80's at home and 70's down the shore which looks pretty good. now, you know, every where down the shore we are experiencing terrific food and this is restaurant week. here in cape may you have some terrific food so here's a look what to expect if you come down for restaurant week, now through sunday, cape may, 24 restaurant are participating in town. it features three course dinners a at 25 to $35 per person, still time to come down get a two course lunch for about $15 and joining us with a taste of restaurant week we have michael craig owner of the washington inn and this is our chef. chef mimi, what do you have
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for us. >> well, for one of our appetizers we have toe made owe salad it is beautiful vine ripe end toe made owes with cheese and it has olives and a -- that is it. >> month about the crab cakes. >> crab cakes are our signature crab cakes, we are putting saute corn and roasted peppers and roasted pepper, and then this dish is a chipotle shrimp so they are marinated in chipotle, garlic, and. >> that is jessica dean's favorite. >> is it. >> and then we have quacamole cheese and pumpkin seed. >> what about dessert. >> dessert we have fresh local west cape may strawberries, strawberry short cake, matured with a little sugar served over a short cake biscuit by our pastry chef maria. >> we love maria too.
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michael, we know how important washington inn is into cape may and you have preserved it beautifully through the history. how old is sit. >> it was built in 1842. original plantation, and, we have really kept the ambience and the classic historical register and it is our family place and we are just part of the cape may and we just love this community. >> we love your place and come down to restaurant week. still time. grace buys, great food, i will see you later this summer. i will be back with my family. we will send it back to you chris and jessica. >> can we box this up for the team. >> we certainly can. >> it is worth a drive just for that strawberry short cake that looks great. kathy, thanks very much. enjoy it. >> we will be right
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beasley is here now. phillies trying to get a big finish here. >> they had two incredible finishes so they are trying to go for the sweep against the red. aaron harang on the mound they won first two games in dramatic fashion. miguel franco's three run home run tied red last night in the bottom of the ninth. franco tied wednesday series opener with a eighth inning home run phillies won last night in 11 innings on a error by reds, five-four the final. ryne sandberg likes what he is seeing from miguel franco. >> coming up big with big swings of the bat. that is something that we have lacked against different bull pen guys and so it goodies to see him come up big and not phased by who he is facing. one of the hardest throwers and top closers in baseball and just nasty and to step in there and swing big, two nights in a row. he made a big difference and potential and possibility and just to see what he has done last couple of games is just a glimpse of what he can do.
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>> i'll tell what you herrera frank co they are bringing up some guys doing some good stuff. >> do not give up on these guys until the final out stay up late with them.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly a and back here at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. tonight 2016 presidential field, wide ebbs cbs news political director john dickerson will weigh in on the late's rivals to the race, charlie rose is in for scott pelley he reports the "cbs evening news" from new york.
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>> rose: security breach-- chinese hackers may have gotten their hand on the personal data of millions of americanss. also tonight the great tar ball mystery. another california beach is forced to close but where is that oil coming from? the second of june turned into the 4th of july as young people in chicago did battle with roman candles. and is the third time the charm? the jooky making his third attempt to win the triple crown. >> reporter: what's been the highlight of your racing career or has it come yet? >> not yet. i'm waiting for saturday. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the united states has become the target of a high-tech i


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